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Parenting is the hardest most rewarding job you will ever have in life. ♥️♥️. Always second guessing yourself that you’re doing it right. There is no right. Just do your Best Be grateful for the little things. They add up to be your greatest moments as a parent. Love always Mom♥️

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Great stuff.

Find a thing, a talisman, and unload all your anger and shortcomings into that thing. I've worn out a dozen such things, but it's a delusion that works. I touch it and pretend my stuff has transmitted into it.

You are all that stands between those precious boys and an increasingly evil world and you are more than capable to do the job.



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Bravo -to your honesty, to your devotion to parenting and your willingness to keep on trying new ways to parent in the best way you can, and to writing and sharing to others.🙏

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I listened to a TED talk by Dr. Becky this past weekend, and it resonated with me also. My kids are older (18 and 19), but I still have to "repair" occasionally. Here is my text to them after dropping them both at college on Monday after a long weekend in New Hampshire: "Thank you both for a great weekend. Sorry I was cranky at the end. The traffic got to me. Except for that, I had so much fun. Love you." This is my son's response: "I had lots of fun too. Thanks for driving us around all weekend. Love you too." It pays to own up to your mistakes as a parent, and I think it helps build a stronger bond between us, which is even more evident now that they're young adults.

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Thanks for sharing, Sarah. 🙏

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